Name:Double heart alarm clock

Material: plastic shell + glass clock face + famous clock movement

Packing: color box, display box,new display box

Method of use:

1.Installation one size 5 batteries. According to the provisions of the battery box "+" "-" pole marker in battery. (battery self-provided).

2.Adjustment time: the clock movement back dial needle wheel clockwise adjusting to standard time.

3.Adjusting alarm:turn the alarm button,make the alarm needle rotated to the require time is ok.

4.Start/stop alarm:the alarm clock side"ON/OFF"push handle,push up to open alarm,push down to turn off alarm.

Matters needing attention:

1.this product is not suitable for stored in wet,High temperatures or corrosive gas serious environment.
2. When the alarm clock is not used, please remove battery, Lest battery leakage damage clock.

3. when second hand move that is not normal. The clock stop or alarm stop. Battery should be timely replaced.



Product Origin: Guangdong,China.
Model Number: MC8923A
Brand Name: MC

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