Rose alarm clock

Rose alarm clock

Name:  the original factory direct Valentine's Day cartoon alarm clock, alarm clock, gift clock, craft clock, photo frame clock

Material: plastic shell + glass + famous clock movement

Packing: color box, display box,new display box

Method of use:

1 installation is 5 according to the provisions of the battery box battery." +"." -" very marked battery ( battery power ).

2 dial needle time: the core back dial needle wheel Shun allocated to standard time.

Matters needing attention:

1 this product is not in use and when stored in humid. High temperatures or corrosive gas in severe environment

2 alarm clock to remove the batteries from battery leakage damage alarm clock.

3 when second hand ambulates not normal. The clock stop or alarm stop. When the timely replacement of batteries.



Product Origin: Guangdong,China.
Model Number: MC8922C
Brand Name: MC

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